In GAFCON the future has arrived!.
With these and other strong and energising words Bishop Peter Jensen (General Secretary) and Archbishop Eliud Wabukala (Chairman) opened GAFCON this afternoon.

It was an afternoon of new experiences for me. Praising God in a room filled predominantly by African brothers and sisters in Christ. Meeting people from all over the world who are keen to see Jesus exalted in the church and in the world through the teaching of the Bible. Listening to the history of the East African Revival (1930s and 1970s) and hearing some reflections on lessons from that revival for today.

It was enjoyable and enriching but coated in sadness.

Everywhere I turned today I met people who are working among those who have rejected the authority, ethics and necessity of the Scriptures. One person told me how those who quote the Bible in their Synod are drowned out with boos. Another spoke of the way church leaders have wandered from the faith and allowed clergy to adopt lifestyles contrary to the Scriptures. The pain on their faces is real. These people are asking, how much longer can we stay in the Anglican Church?

Those who spoke today spoke prophetically into this reality that we evangelicals in Sydney have not experienced. Among other things, we were reminded that…

“The structures of the Communion have let us down significantly.”
“GAFCON shows us that we do not need to go through Canterbury to be Anglican.”
“We love good order but we will break it to obey the orders of The Lord Jesus Christ.
“The Gospel transforms or it is not the Gospel.”
“We must preach Christ uncompromisingly.”
“When theology begins to undermine the authority of the Scriptures, the theology has gone bad.”

There was also a strong message about repentance – if our repentance remains in the mind and theological and does not impact our hearts and hands nor drive us to repair the mistakes of the past, perhaps it is not true repentance. I’ll reflect more on this in due course…..

There are more than 1300 people here praying for God to show us his glory. Will you join us?

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