For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. (1 Corinthians 1:18)

The power of God is on display all over the world. In countries where you would never expect, people are becoming Christians and not in small numbers. For example, how many Christians do you think there are in Iran? I’ll tell you in a minute but first, let me tell you about a man I met on Wednesday (who was also interviewed in our first session today).

He is doing ministry planting churches and leading people to know Jesus through teaching the Bible in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other closed Muslim countries. His work is covert and he needs to remain relatively anonymous. He spoke of the way many are disillusioned with Islam and the way it promised Paradise on earth. They are looking for real hope and they are finding it in Jesus. It is exciting work. It is dangerous work. It is Gospel work. And it is bearing fruit.

The love and compassion of Jesus, who offers life everlasting and has proven the authenticity of the promise by his own resurrection, is compelling in the Muslim world. Jesus is no foreigner to them; it is the hope he offers and freedom from religion he promises that is foreign.

The man I met estimates that about 4 million people have become Christians in Iran in the last 8-10 years. I think that is incredible. If you guessed 4 million, let me know!! Many fear for their lives. Many have lost jobs and livelihood. Many have left Iran to find safety so they can share Jesus with others. They risk anything because Jesus is everything. The power of God is at work in Iran.

The power of God is of course also on display locally in my home town of Campbelltown. Remember that when the Gospel is preached, the power of God is on display, the power of God is being made known to the world. Sharing the Gospel with a friend in Campbelltown may not seem as glamorous or amazing as ministry in Iran, but it is the same important work that needs to be done everywhere.

In our church we have been encouraging people to learn to share this message in a way that works for them. We have distributed evangicubes, Two Ways to Live tracts, Gospel beads, Gospel colour cards and are slowly helping people learn their testimony. We want people to open their mouth and share the message of the cross with their friends and family and those around them.

It’s the power of God and it’s in your mouth!
The question is, will you open your mouth and share that message?


2 responses to “GAFCON Day Four

  1. What is an evangicube?
    Thanks for sharing this. I’ve loved hearing a bit about GAFCON each day. And it’s certainly informed prayer.

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