It all comes down to this…

I have had a strong feeling all week that GAFCON was going somewhere; I just have not been able to see where. But today all that changed.

The key trajectory of the conference is a movement towards a conference statement that summarises some of the outcomes of the conference but also some of the objectives of the movement. It contains a series of calls to action both for those within the movement and to those without.

In Jerusalem in 2008, the conference created, debated and then celebrated the Jerusalem Declaration. You can read it here.

This year we are in the process of putting together “The Nairobi Commitment”. I can’t tell you much about what it says yet because we are still midstream in the process so it would not be right to pre-empt conclusions.

A writing committee has spent all week receiving feedback from different aspects of the conference and from key people in the conference. They have put all of that together into a four page document that we received as an exposure draft today. We then spent time in our Provincial Groups (ours included the people from PNG, Fiji, New Zealand, Pakistan and other SE Asian countries) to debate it and seek to strengthen it.

The conversation was rushed but robust and rigorous. Archbishop Glenn Davies did a good job of managing the discussion that was at times unwieldy. We ended up sending about four pages of notes back to the writing committee to consider. There were only about 120 of us. I can’t imagine what the meeting of 470 Nigerian delegates was like! The writing committee has received all the feedback and will be re-writing the Commitment into the night tonight in preparation for its final presentation tomorrow.

So tomorrow we come to the summit of GAFCON II.
Will the Commitment point us to where we should go?
Will the Commitment provide enough for the movement to chew on and grow into for four years?
Will the Commitment push us to maintain our trajectory and keep the authority of the Bible and the uniqueness of Jesus at the centre of all we do?

I hope the answer to all those questions is YES.


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